Genomic Science Program
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Research Highlights

12/08/2022GladdenJohnRhodosporidium toruloides Engineered to Produce Triacetic Acid Lactone from Sorghum
01/08/2023KimSeungdoStrong Climate Mitigation Potential of Switchgrass Grown on Marginal Lands
10/14/2022ParrottWayne Engineered Auxotrophic Agrobacterium Strains Improve Plant Transformation
12/28/2022ReichertNancyTransformation and Gene Editing in the Bioenergy Grass Miscanthus
07/19/2022ScownCorinne D.In Planta Accumulation of Value-added Bioproducts Compared with Microbial Production Routes
05/19/2022MissaouiAli M.Researchers Map Genetic Diversity in Switchgrass
06/14/2022ZhaoHuiminOleaginous Yeast Metabolically Engineered to Overproduce Promising Platform Chemical
10/27/2022MansfieldShawn D.Engineered Poplar with Altered Lignin Composition More Readily Converted to Bioproducts
10/26/2021JoshiChandrashekharModification of Transcription Factor Expression in Poplar Changes Cell Wall Characteristics
10/18/2021KeaslingJayHigh-Efficiency Production of Terpene Precursors for Next-Generation Biofuels
02/14/2022KhannaMadhuResponsiveness of Miscanthus and Switchgrass Yields to Stand Age and Fertilization
12/06/2021StahlShannon Isolating Valuable Compounds from Complex Mixtures of Lignin Products
08/04/2020RushTomásCompound Communicates More than Expected in Microbes
09/18/2020ZhouJizhongNew Approach Helps Determine How Much Microbial Community Composition Is Driven by Selection and How Much by Chance
09/04/2020Blaby-HaasCrystenFinding Gene Neighbors Leads to New Protein Functions
02/16/2021MerchantSabeehaGreen Algae Express Genes More Like Bacteria than Previously Thought
02/01/2021SchadtChrisBurning the Forest, Not Just the Trees
03/02/2021Salvachúa RodríguezDaviniaHungry Fungi: White-Rot Fungi Eat All Components of the Wood They Decompose
03/21/2021Burnum-JohnsonKristinMolecular Connections from Plants to Fungi to Ants
10/19/2020AdamsMichaelMolybdenum Limits Microbes’ Ability to Remove Harmful Nitrate from Soil
01/26/2021CoatesJohnMicrobes Use Ancient Metabolism to Cycle Phosphorus
02/22/2021ZhouJizhongWarming Soil Means Stronger Microbe Networks
04/27/2021HungateBrucePredatory Bacteria, Eat Thy Neighbor
07/09/2020NorthJustin A Newly Discovered Enzyme Makes Ethylene and Methane
07/21/2021Morrell-FalveyJenniferScientists Identify Genes Key to Microbial Colonization of Plant Roots
06/09/2021CreggerMelissaTime, More than Genes, Shapes the Poplar Tree Microbiome
06/07/2021HungateBruceBacterial Carbon Cycling in Soil Is Not a Shared Effort
06/22/2021PelletierDaleCultivating the Microbiome of Populus Tree Roots
10/19/2021GibertJean-PhilippeMicrobes Offer a Glimpse into the Future of Climate Change
10/27/2021TraxlerMatthewFungal Recyclers: Fungi Reuse Fire-Altered Organic Matter
04/16/2021 TrinhCong T.Developing Novel Microbial Platforms for Designer Ester Biosynthesis
08/17/2021JinYong-SuEngineering Yeast to Efficiently Convert Hemicellulose into High-Value Bioproducts
08/25/2021ScownCorinne D.Assessing the Production Cost and Carbon Footprint of a Promising Aviation Biofuel
02/08/2021LowryDavid B.Unlocking a High-Quality Reference Genome for Switchgrass
09/27/2016StephanopoulosGregoryOleaginous Yeasts Move One Step Closer to Becoming Industrial Biodiesel Producers
10/13/2008"Bold Traveler" Microbe Makes its Own Ecosystem Nearly 2 Miles Underground
09/27/2004DalyMichael"Conan the Bacterium's" Secrets Illuminated
06/25/2003Nature" class="ninja_table_permalink" href="">"Mail-in" Crystallography at Brookhaven National Laboratory Highlighted in Nature