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Genomic Science Program

2007 Awardee

Development of Genomic Tools for the Improvement of Prairie Cordgrass (Spartina pectinata), a Highly Productive Bioenergy Feedstock Crop

INVESTIGATORS: Jose L. Gonzalez, Arvid Boe, XingYou Gu, Vance Owens

INSTITUTION: South Dakota State University

NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Cellulosic biomass has been identified as an attractive renewable source because of its domestic abundance. Prairie cordgrass (PCG) (Spartina pectinata) is a native perennial grass with biomass yields up to 22 metric tons/ha. This species has received little attention from the breeding side, far less from the genomics and molecular biology perspective.

OBJECTIVES: (1) Development of molecular markers in prairie cordgrass, with especial attention to PCR based marker systems such as Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) for use in Marker Assisted Breeding. (2) Development of a medium density framework linkage map in prairie cordgrass.

APPROACH: Obj 1. We propose to develop SSR markers for this species by developing enriched libraries with specific sequence repeats, reducing the sequencing required for marker development. Obj 2. We propose to construct the first linkage map available for this very productive species. For this, we will use reciprocal crosses between to individuals. The populations will maintain by clonal propagation. The PCR markers and the linkage map will facilitate the development of a breeding program that will release high-biomass-yielding cultivar of PCG. The linkage map will also constitute the base for other genomic tools.

Name: Jose L. Gonzalez
Phone: 605-688-6907
Fax: 605-688-4452

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