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Genomic Science Program

Systems Biology for Energy and the Environment

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Genomic Science Program

Genomes to Life Contractor-Grantee Workshop I
Arlington, Virginia, February 9-12, 2003

Workshop Breakout Session

Proteomics, molecular machines, including computational needs

Co-chairs -

  • Michelle Buchanan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Grant Heffelfinger, Sandia National Laboratory

The purpose of this breakout session is to address key needs and issues associated with the identification and characterization of proteins and protein complexes in the Genomes to Life program. This will include discussions about current/emerging capabilities and gaps in technologies, assessment of improvements needed to attain high throughput analysis, and computational needs ranging from data management to modeling and simulation. After a brief introduction, this break out session will be started by a brief overview given by Ray Gesteland (U. Utah) intended to provide their insight into these issues and stimulate active discussion by all. We would like to invite you to bring one viewgraph to share with the participants on your views about emerging capabilities or research needs for the identification and characterization of proteins and protein complexes.

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