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Call for DNA Sequencing Proposals

The US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (JGI) has created the Community Sequencing Program (CSP) to provide the broad scientific community with access to high-throughput DNA sequencing. Based on scientific merit assessed by independent peer review, JGI will allocate up to 15 billion bases/year toward projects with high impact in the fields of microbial, environmental and plant genomics.

Through the CSP, the DOE aims to enable sequence based scientific research from a broad range of disciplines. The CSP consists of two programs: a small-genome program for shotgun sequencing of genomes smaller than 250 Mb and other sequencing projects with a total request of less than 1 Gb; and a large-genome program for shotgun sequencing of genomes larger than 250 Mb. Large-genome proposals should address DOE's broad mission including carbon sequestration, environmental remediation, and alternative energy production.

Proposals to the two programs will be reviewed separately, but the application and review processes are similar.

A letter of intent is strongly advised and should be received by January 28, 2005.

The deadline for receipt of applications to either program is February 25, 2005. Please direct inquiries to

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