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Genomic Science Program

Systems Biology for Energy and the Environment

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Genomic Science Program

DOE Performance Metrics

Every year BER’s Biological Systems Science Division (BSSD) reports on various aspects of its basic science mission as part of DOE’s performance management process. Listed below are several reports offered by year from various BSSD-funded projects highlighting recent basic research results relevant towards achieving BER’s long-term performance goals. Individual projects charged with completing these tasks produce quarterly reports on the requested topic that show progress toward the targeted goal for that year and ultimately toward the Overall Goal for BSSD.

Overall Goal: BER Predictive Understanding

Advance an iterative systems biology approach to the understanding and manipulation of plant and microbial genomes as a basis for biofuels development and predictive knowledge of carbon and nutrient cycling in the environment.

Endpoint Target

BER will advance understanding of the operating principles and functional properties of plants, microbes, and complex biological communities relevant to DOE missions in energy and the environment. Deciphering the genomic blueprint of organisms and determining how this information is translated to integrated biological systems permits predictive modeling of bioprocesses and enables targeted redesign of plants and microbes. BER research will address fundamental knowledge gaps and provide foundational systems biology information necessary to advance development of biotechnology and predict impacts of changing environmental conditions on carbon cycling and other biogeochemical processes.

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