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Genomics:GTL Roadmap (2005)


There have been several updates to information contained in the 2005 Roadmap. The most recent program description is the 2008 GTL Strategic Plan.

The Genomics:GTL Roadmap (August 2005) is an aggressive systems microbiology plan to accelerate the scientific discovery needed to support the development of practical applications for DOE energy and environmental missions. The primary goal of the program is to achieve a predictive understanding of the capabilities of microbes and microbial communities for applications in energy, remediation, and global carbon cycling and sequestration. For a quick overview, see the Frontmatter handout (98 kb).

In 2006, the NAS reviewed the GTL program. As a result of this NAS review, the plan for GTL facilities outlined in the 2005 Roadmap was revised.



DOE Genomic Science Program Overview (2011)

GTL Strategic Plan (2008)

Genomics for Energy and Environmental Science Placemat


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